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Forte Analytical is 1 Year Old!

It is official! On July 1st, 2020, Forte Analytical officially considered their doors open to assisting the mining industry with their mineral processing needs. With the support of Forte Dynamics, our parent engineering and consulting firm specializing in surface mines and heap leach systems, we have made our mark. The team has grown from our original three; R. Nick Gow, Madeline Orrell, and Brittany Garcia, into a team of nearly 30 engineers and technicians ready to take part in your next project. This is nearly a three-fold growth from what we thought would have been accomplished within five years. We have serviced a blend of precious and base metal clients, with some industrial minerals sprinkled in, from sample prep to leaching to geotechnical characterization.

Our capabilities and unique approach to mineral processing testing, combined with the process design expertise within Forte Dynamics group - led by Barry Carlson, Adam House, and Jeff Winterton, make the combination of groups a one stop shop for your next flowsheet design, process optimization, or debottlenecking that you may come across. We are constantly expanding and enhancing our offerings, so feel free to reach out to R. Nick Gow - for any questions you may have.

We look forward to working with you over the next year!

Forte Analytical is an independent metallurgical research and testing laboratory dedicated to open pit mine and heap leach facility advancement, providing a modern approach to analytical, geotechnical, and metallurgical testing services. Forte Analytical is a division of Forte Dynamics, an engineering and consulting firm known for surface mine and heap leach systems engineering. The Forte group, including Forte Dynamics, Forte Analytical, and Opencontour, provides an expansive list of services to support mining companies in maximizing profits and efficiencies.

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