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Native gold quarts Forte Analytical
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Metallurgical Research & Testing Laboratory

Forte Analytical is an independent metallurgical research and testing laboratory dedicated to open pit mine and heap leach facility advancement, providing a modern approach to analytical, geotechnical, and metallurgical testing services.

Made for Mining

Forte Analytical is a division of Forte Dynamics, an engineering and consulting firm known for surface mine and heap leach systems engineering. The Forte group provides an expansive list of services to support mining companies in maximizing profits and efficiencies.

There are a number of metallurgical testing labs in the mining industry; however, there are few capable of matching Forte's understanding of the principles that influence mine and HLF production. In addition to metallurgical research and testing, Forte offers heap leach modeling and optimization, project engineering, mine planning software, consulting services, and economic analysis. 

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Activated carbon used for metal seperation

Fire assay, elemental determination, and carbon/sulfur speciation

course gold contained in ore

Metallurgy testing: cyanide leach amenability, leach diffusion, bioleaching 

Chalcopyrite pyrite ore copper sulfur or

Compacted permeability, abrasion, and degradation

Mine shovel loading gold copper ore at m


Heap leach recovery, mine optimization, engineering, and consulting

Mine haul truck at mine site.jpg

Mining Landscape

Each mine site is unique and has its own geological landscape. Forte Analytical combines fundamental metallurgical principles with modern laboratory practices that are customized to each mine site and location. 

Exploration, Feasibility, and Performance

Forte Analytical supports all mine phases including exploratory, feasibility, production, and closure. Our services are designed around these phases and the differing testing and analytical requirements for each.

Feasibility drilling at mine site mine e
Forte Analytical Dashboard - Placeholder

Testing Transparency and Data Organization

Forte Analytical provides custom dashboards for each client to track test progress, timeline and budget status, and view historical data. Clients can access their dashboard via a secure, easy to access, centralized web-based portal. 

Innovation and Development

Forte Analytical business model includes ongoing investment in research and development. Regular audits are conducted to maintain the integrity of our testing processes. We include field data and scientific analysis to improve our capabilities now and in the future.

Bioleach flask research and development

Extended Services

The combination of Forte Dynamics and Forte Analytical offers clients a spectrum of services designed to enhance mine and heap leach performance. 


Head Assay Determinations

Fire assay
Elemental analysis
Preg-rob testing
Carbon and sulfur speciation 

Cyanide Amenability

Bottle roll 


Diffusion (VAT)

Crush Size Optimization

Geotechnical and Hydrodynamics Testing

Compacted Permeability

Abrasion and Durability Testing

Agglomerate Quality


Mine Plan Optimization

Heap Leach Design and Modelling

Crush Size Optimization
Application rate 

Heap stacking

Scoping, PFS, and FS Level    

Testing Program Design    

Process Flowsheet design    

QP capabilities

On-site Laboratory

Forte Analytical

Metallurgical Research and Testing Laboratory Services

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