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Forte Analytical was established to satisfy the requirements of heap leach and open pit mining operations, and provide a fresh and modern approach to metallurgical testing beyond current industry standards. We provide independent, unbiased testing and detailed analysis for all stages of mining. Forte Analytical is a division of Forte Dynamics, an innovative engineering and consulting firm with decades of mining experience and expertise.

Our services extend beyond the laboratory and include Forte's innovative mine and heap leach optimization recovery models.

Metallurgical, Analytical, and Geotechnical Laboratory

Forte Analytical is a research oriented metallurgical laboratory which supports mining companies in understanding ore characteristics by rock type to forecast recoveries and maximize metals production. Our testing methods are structured around real-world mining rather than antiquated industry standards. 

Our test programs include variables often overlooked - such as ore stacking and compaction, crush size and particle size distribution (PSD), solution flow and distribution, ore permeability and density, and other factors that affect extraction yields.  

High grade gold deposits have become increasing scarce and heap leaching has emerged as a safe and economically viable method for extracting metal from lower grade deposits. 

Refining heap leach ming is vital to maximizing profitability. The dump... stack... and hope for the best approach is no longer enough. 


Forte's mine-wide programs connects pit, process operations, and HLP recovery. The Forte model has become increasingly recognized for its contributions to improving recoveries and reducing costs associated with inefficiencies. 

Extracted gold metal from mine leaching

The Forte group consists of Forte Dynamics (consulting and engineering) and Forte Analytical (metallurgical research and testing). Together we've developed an advanced systems optimization model that provides clients superior results throughout life-of-mine.


Our experience in simulating dynamic systems — hydrodynamics, kinetics, process, mechanical, thermal and financial — enables a thorough analysis of key variables in complex systems. Our team works as collaborators and trusted advisers, and we have helped our clients extract greater value from an array of challenging projects.

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