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Metallurgical Testing

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Cyanide Shake and Preg Rob Testing

Cyanide shakes and Cyanide spikes (preg rob leach testing) are a quick determination of a gold/silver ore to be leached by cyanide. These 24-hr tests are conducted on a minimal amount of material and can be conducted on a large number of samples very rapidly. If organic carbon is determined to be present in a sample, preg-rob leaching can determine to what extent the precious metal extraction is impacted. 

Cyanide solution metallurgical shake tes

Bottle Roll Leach

The bottle roll test is designed to provide more aggressive leaching conditions relative to pilot scale column leach tests and therefore will provide a high ultimate recovery value for cyanide recoverable materials. Typically conducted on pulverized material, bottle roll testing can be conducted on larger sized material is sample quantity is a concern. 

Bottle Roll Metallurgical Testing Forte

Column Leach

The column leach test is a standard test for scaling up to actual production with a few experience-based factors are incorporated. It can produce a time dependent rate of recovery based on the sample provided. These are conducted anywhere from 30 to 180 days, on material anywhere from ¼” (6mm) in a 6” column to ROM samples in a 30” column. Forte is able to assist in column test programs to optimize the amount of information provided for heap leach design. 

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Cyanide Amenability
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