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Metallurgical Testing

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Effective metallurgical testing requires a detailed understanding of ore composition and the metal properties within.  We provide traditional testing as well as our more uniquely modified testing to identify optimal operational parameters such as crush size, leach cycles, or irrigation rates based on your operation’s identified geological composition.

Analysis and Project Support

Our staff consists of PhD, QP, and PE level metallurgists and geoscientists with operational experience in the mining industry. We design test campaigns and strategies for each stage of mining, including exploration, scoping, pre-feasibility, feasibility, production (extraction improvement and data gap analysis). We offer clients support where it is needed, whether that is on-site or in the laboratory. 

Mine site exploration drilled core sampl
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Cyanide analysis, including bottle role and column leach testing, to measure ore and chemical characteristics that result in high extraction rates and recovery yields.  

Batches of size specific ore samples are placed in vats with CN solution. Periodically the solution is sampled and analyzed to determine leach rate, recovery and acid consumption.

VAT Leaching crush size optimization lab
Heap leach bioleaching laboratory.jpg

Bioleaching is an efffective and environmentally viable method to extract metals from ores using microorganisms, water, and forced air into the heap leach pad. 

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