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Mine Services

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The Forte Analytical laboratory is a subsidiary of Forte Dynamics, a respected consultancy firm serving the mining industry. Forte Dynamics uses a multidisciplinary approach involving fundamental engineering principles coupled with industry experience to create designs, models, and recommendations that enhance mining processes. 

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Forte Group

Forte Dynamics and Forte Analytical bring an extensive portfolio of completed projects with two common threads; work that touches every part of the mine life cycle, and repeat engagements with some of the most demanding clients in the industry. Our team works as collaborators and trusted advisers, and we have helped our clients extract greater value from an array of challenging projects.

Mining Consulting Services

  • Engineering and Construction

  • Mine Consulting

  • Mining Process Optimization

  • Heap Leach Stacking and Modeling

  • Pit Design and Mine Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Chemical Balance and Water Treatment

  • Trade-Off Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Financial Analysis and Modeling

  • Thermal, Chemical, Water Balance Models

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Project Support

Whether it's the entire mine site, or a specific project, Forte can help find an solution. Forte brings appropriate levels of analysis, experience, expertise, and pragmatism to each mining challenge. We serve as a partner to clients to assess challenges through sound fundamentals in civil and mechanical engineering, scientific disciplines (metallurgical, chemical, bioprocessing), and geotechnical engineering.

Shovel loads ore at mine site

Mine Performance

Forte Dynamics is known for its advanced mine-to-heap optimization model which addresses operational throughout the mine site.​ The optimization model integrates the following:  

  • Integrated heap leach and process design

  • Process optimization for existing leach facilities and expansions

  • Trade-off studies, scenario modeling, and sensitivity analysis

  • Financial modeling integrated with heap leach pad/process models

  • Thermal, chemical balance, and site-wide water balance modeling

  • HLP, process plant, and ancillary facilities design and CQA

  • Dynamic heap leach process model using discretized blocks to measure grade, tonnage, lithology, PSD, moisture content, Ksat and density 

  • Model forecasts for metal recovery and solution inventory over time.   

open pit bench contours at mine site
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