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Heap leaching is a large-scale investment with many working parts. Organizing and optimizing each of these parts is vital to the leaching process. Forte's heap leach recovery model uses descritized zoning to evaluate and continuously improve each variable that leads to optimized metal recovery. In addition to adding and accelerating recoveries, our model helps improve efficiencies by reducing costs and the overall time needed to for extraction, therefore increasing profitability further.


As more importance of advanced optimization models becomes more prevalent the Forte recovery optimization model is increasingly being utilized throughout the mining industry. We've partnered with corporations large and small to improve their return on investment and generate profits that would not otherwise be realized.

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Heap Leach Model

Forte Dynamics' comprehensive heap leach pad (HLP) optimization model incorporates principles based on hydrodynamics, diffusion, and kinetics to improve extraction performance and recoveries. The model incorporates variables such as HLP stacking, lift height, solution analysis, irrigation planning, fraction extraction, crush size, geometallurgical analysis, and a variety of other variables. 

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Discretized Stacking

Forte models break down the heap leach pad into discretized zones. Each block is quantified with the metal content based on loading plans, then is analyzed for extraction as a function of time based on the dynamic leaching applied. Tailored leaching algorithms are then applied which identify the optimal leaching patterns based on either solution to ore ratio or remaining recoverable ounces.

  • Flow characteristics through the heap

  • Total water tracking

  • Tracking of remaining recoverable ounces by cell

  • Optimal leach cycle times

  • Optimal solution flow rates and reagent consumptions

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