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Forte Analytical is proud to announce our own in-house fire assay lab!

Fire Assay, one of the oldest methods for determining noble metals in ores, is the definitive assay method for precious metals and is heavily utilized across the full spectrum of the mining industry from geological drilling to metallurgical programs, process control, and umpire analysis.

As a result of increasing demand, many laboratories offering fire assay services have experienced substantial increases in analysis backlogs. This has led to significantly extended lead times for data turnaround, adversely affecting Forte’s project completion timelines.

Recognizing the multi-faceted benefits an internal assay lab would provide, last year Forte committed to expanding our analytical capabilities, and is now pleased to announce the completion of the new fire assay laboratory located at our Wheat Ridge, Colorado facility. Our fire assay laboratory will be headed by none other than our very own Jessica Axen (pictured).

The new laboratory includes a furnace room area equipped with fusion and cupellation furnaces, flux and sample prep area, storage for reagents and consumables, as well as a collection site for lead contaminated materials. In addition to the traditional gravimetric finish, the lab is equipped with flame AAS instrumentation to support the lower limits of detection required for most of Forte’s projects. Ventilation systems, chemical hoods, showering facilities, and other systems have been implemented to ensure the safety of personnel both directly and indirectly involved with the laboratory area.

Incorporating project test work and assay capabilities under one roof provides Forte the opportunity to offer more accurate analyses while minimizing delays to project continuation due to assay backlogs. The direct collaboration between project engineers and the lab enables streamlined prioritization of analyses as well as opens communication channels regarding data requirements and pertinent sample/project information to the assay lab.

In addition to fully supporting the internal project testing, Forte is also excited to offer non-project, external fire assay analysis as a service to clients. As the lab grows and expands, we anticipate being able to increase this service to encompass a greater number of external assay requests. We are proud of the work Jessica and her team have put into this and are excited for the future!

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