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Ten thousand samples….and beyond!

With a big dream, a few new pieces of equipment, and 3 determined minds, Forte Analytical opened their doors for business in 2020. A short 2 years later, Forte Analytical will have achieved one of its biggest milestones to date; processing over 10,000 samples through our Analytical laboratory in a single year. For most samples, this included analyses like AA gold and silver, LECO carbon and sulfur, or ICP-OES multi-element sweep. For others, it involved microwave digestion, cyanide WAD determinations, or a variety of different titrations. Either way, it is all credited to our amazing group of Technicians, Chemists, and Engineers who continually put in the hard work to improve our processes and optimize our methods. We owe this achievement to them.

And the fun doesn’t stop there! The capabilities of our lab are only growing with our newest process, Fire Assay, coming in hot. More details coming soon, stay tuned.

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