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Mine Services



Forte’s mine optimization model links the surface mine with the heap leach pad to streamline workflows across the mine site. This includes tools and services that optimize mine design, planning and scheduling, and pad stacking to configure conditions that reduce costs and optimize performance.

Mining Services

  • Engineering and Construction

  • Mine Consulting

  • Mining Process Optimization

  • Heap Leach Stacking and Modeling

  • Pit Design and Mine Planning

  • Scheduling

  • Chemical Balance and Water Treatment

  • Trade-Off Studies

  • Feasibility Studies

  • Financial Analysis and Modeling

  • Thermal, Chemical, Water Balance Models


Forte has partnered with Opencontour to offer a powerful mine planning software program to complement our engineering and consulting services. Opencontour consists of four software modules each of which target specific areas of mine planning; Mine Design, Mine Scheduling, Heap Leach Pad Stacking and Heap Leach Pad RecoveryOpencontour helps streamline workflows using tools that measure the cost-benefit of alternative mine plan options. This allows mine plan managers to make informed decisions before they are implemented.

  • Open Pit Design    

  • Scheduler + Financials    

  • Leach Stacking    

  • Schedule Optimizer

  • Bench design, scheduling & financial analysis

  • Mine plan iterations

  • Web based access, multiple user connectivity & instant updates

  • Cost-benefit assessments for informed decisions

  • Advanced performance for fast design times & results

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