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Compaction, Density Test

Various testing procedures possible. Determines the soil’s percent compacted relative to its maximum. Useful for scenarios where there is going to be heavy equipment driving over a plot, heaps loaded, or other areas where managing the settling ground is important.


Plastic limit is the moisture content within a rolled sample when it breaks at approximately 1/8” wide. Results from this test determine how prone the field sampled from is to settling.

Direct Shear

Shear strength on a forced plane is tested until failure. Used to determine the internal friction angle and soil cohesion for application in building foundations, reservoirs, and similar supporting soil structures.

Triaxial Shear

Tests shear strength on the sample’s natural plane of failure. The consolidation phase, drainage and internal pore pressure can be monitored and controlled within the tests. Measures stress levels for slope and retaining wall failures.

Geotechnical Testing

Forte Analytical is an independent metallurgical research and testing laboratory dedicated to open pit mine and heap leach facility advancement, providing a modern approach to analytical, geotechnical, and metallurgical testing services. Forte Analytical is a division of Forte Dynamics, an engineering and consulting firm known for surface mine and heap leach systems engineering. The Forte group, including Forte Dynamics, Forte Analytical, and Opencontour, provides an expansive list of services to support mining companies in maximizing profits and efficiencies.

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