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Visiting Edgar Experimental Mine

Nick Gow, PhD, QP -, Forte Analytical, CO, USA

Forte Analytical went to the Edgar Experimental Mine! The Edgar Mine is an underground teaching facility located outside of Idaho Springs, CO and is operated by the Mining Engineering Department of Colorado School of Mines. Some of our engineers and technicians were able to get a firsthand experience to pair with the samples they are testing on a daily basis. We may primarily be known for our advancement of heap leach modelling and testing, but it never hurts to expand the horizons.

They were excited to understand the history of the local mining operations as well as some of the advances that have brought us to where we are as an industry today. Underground mining is a unique atmosphere that few people get to experience and there was a huge respect gained for both the old and new generations.

Thanks to the Mine Foreman, Clinton Dattel and Mine Manager, Lee Fronapfel for a great tour! Also, thanks to the SME Community Foundation for the Silent Auction that enabled us to visit the site.

Forte Analytical is an independent metallurgical research and testing laboratory dedicated to open pit mine and heap leach facility advancement, providing a modern approach to analytical, geotechnical, and metallurgical testing services. Forte Analytical is a division of Forte Dynamics, an engineering and consulting firm known for surface mine and heap leach systems engineering. The Forte group, including Forte Dynamics, Forte Analytical, and Opencontour, provides an expansive list of services to support mining companies in maximizing profits and efficiencies.

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